Risk & Compliance

Our methodologies for managing risk and compliance related programs have saved our clients countless hours.

We look to integrate components where logical, and to automate as many management and labor intensive tasks as possible.

We take away much of the mundane spreadsheet work and free staff to provide real value through knowledge and analysis. Through organizational knowledge and working with your teams and processes, we create reports and dashboards that tell the story to anyone, at any given point in time. 

About our services:

Risk Management

Some clients like to start from where they are, and some like to develop new risk methodologies based on other knowledge within the organization. Our team of experts can help you with both. We’ve brought Information Security Risk teams together with Internal Controls and ERM teams to maximize knowledge and efficiency across teams managing risk and risk treatment plans. The end result: a comprehensive view of risk that allows each team to manage their scope.

Risk Management

Security Operations

Want to integrate your technology output to know how secure you are, or if you are focusing on the right things? We can relate information from your tools, across teams and processes, to help you determine what actions you need to take, and track them through their lifecycle.

Vendor Risk Management

If you are concerned you don’t know enough about your third parties (and theirs), NaviLogic can help you manage your vendors and the risk they present to your organization. Are you integrated in the procurement process? Do you manage ongoing risk with your vendors and risk treatment plans with them? Or do you just need to get going? We can help.

Compliance & Audit

Ditch your spreadsheet. Let systems do the manual work of sending email updates, reminders, and track your projects on a dashboard. Our clients recognize immediate savings in their audit & compliance programs. Provide more value to your organization when you can focus on the real risks and conversations, track persistent issues, and give timely updates to leadership. We’ve helped numerous industries be more efficient, save money, and become more strategic. Let us help you too.

"NaviLogic enabled us to do more with our GRC program. They automated some of our existing workflows, empowered us with better reporting capabilities and metrics, and helped refine our process too.  Highly recommend."

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