Security Orchestration & Automation

Security Orchestration and Automation (SOA) is imperative to address the ever-growing flood of alerts from tools as well as the shortage of experienced security analysts.

Automation can save companies money and significantly lower risk when implemented correctly. NaviLogic takes a holistic view of your organizations current state and works collaboratively with your staff to determine:

  • Are you ready for automation?
  • Where are my blind spots?
  • Will my current playbooks and workflow support automation?
  • What can you automate with your current solution stack?
  • What should you automate first?

We will work with your team to answer the questions above and design a solution that is both affordable and scalable. If, through the discovery phase it is determined that your organization is not in a state where automation will help, we will work with your staff to develop a roadmap and specific plans to achieve orchestration readiness.

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