Incident Readiness

Navilogic provides a valuable perspective on Incident Response and Incident Readiness

Our consultants have lead enterprise incident management programs and have the in depth knowledge needed to prepare your organization.

We can take your existing playbooks and workflows and compare them to industry best practices and recommend changes where necessary based on our in-depth, real world experience.

We work with clients to ensure they are prepared to deal with today’s complex incidents through:

  • Incident Response Readiness workshops
  • Facilitated table top exercises
  • Incident management process automation and reporting

NaviLogic has on staff experts that can provide Advisory and Professional services in the following areas:

Incident Response Readiness Workshops

Navilogic has a unique approach to conducting Incident Readiness Table Top Exercises that makes teams feel comfortable and engaged.

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Security Orchestration & Automation

Security Orchestration and Automation (SOA) is imperative to address the ever-growing flood of alerts from tools as well as the shortage of experienced security analysts.

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