NaviLogic Managed AV, Powered by Cylance

Prevent Cyberattacks with Artificial Intelligence

Cybersecurity that predicts, prevents and protects.


Leverage the power of artificial intelligence, algorithmic science, and machine learning to predict known and unknown attacks.


Proactively prevent malware execution and exploits to secure the most vulnerable aspect of your network – the endpoint.


Preventing attacks reclaims the time and resources consumed by incident response, data loss, and system downtime.

The Cylance Difference

So what makes Cylance machine learning stand out from the rest?

Cylance works because it:
  • Achieves efficacy rates at or higher than 99% (compared to 50-60% with legacy AV)
  • Requires minimal system resources, 1-2% CPU usage and 40-50 MB of memory
  • Prevents attacks with exceptional speed — in milliseconds
  • Requires no cloud connection to prevent threats

Unlike human analysis or competitive offerings, Cylance machine learning operates with unparalleled precision, preventing 99% of existing and never-before-seen malware. How? Cylance AI analyzes statistically similar blocks of file code to identify malicious files. It does this through observation, pattern recognition, and predictive analytics. This approach supplies a quantum leap in endpoint protection over traditional malware signatures, heuristic, or behavioral methods by taking advantage of sophisticated math models to identify malware. Instead of reactive signatures, threats are blocked automatically in real time.

The NaviLogic Difference

So why NaviLogic Managed AV, Powered by Cylance?

  • NaviLogic is one of Cylance's longest standing partners
  • Trained and certified engineers to help deploy, configure, and manage CylancePROTECT
  • Annual or monthly subscription services
  • Reporting and trending options using NaviLogic MAPS
  • Malware reverse engineers available for malware analysis

When it comes to ransomware, what you don't know, might hurt you.

Download the 10 Things You Need to Know About Ransomware infographic.

"Throughout the engagement, Navilogic demonstrated their expertise, a sense of urgency and flexibility.  It's obvious their services have been developed through years of experience and capability."

Cylance has revolutionized cyber protection by replacing outdated solutions with a machine learning, algorithmic approach that requires zero updating.

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