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Vulnerability Management

NaviLogic identifies vulnerabilities and categorizes them based upon their priority so organizations can actively reduce their attack surface. We accomplish this through a multi-pronged approach of scanning systems, identifying risks, and deploying patches.

Invite our experts to assess your environment

Intentional defense

NaviLogic uses our expert understanding of an organization’s security posture and industry regulations to buttress devices and applications from attack. We accomplish this by developing a detailed vulnerability management plan to address critical areas.

Bringing context to your attack surface

NaviLogic brings context to how an organization’s assets, services, goals, and regulatory requirements can be impacted if vulnerabilities are exploited across the attack surface.

Prioritization of remediation

NaviLogic helps organizations identify the value of each asset and the severity of vulnerabilities, so they can prioritize remediation efforts.

Automate success. Monitor progress.

NaviLogic uses our co-managed NaviLogic GRCx platform and other partner solutions to automate remediation by identifying vulnerabilities and informing systems to take action. For users, clear, accurate and actionable dashboards provide insights into a program, measuring progress against established policies, and ensuring everything is running as intended.

Learn to avoid common missteps with a vulnerability management best practices workshop.

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