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Security Architecture Consultation

NaviLogic’s skilled architects analyze an organization’s cybersecurity challenges to make the right recommendations that can overcome them.

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Pragmatic approach

NaviLogic guides organizations along the complex journey of cybersecurity where there are no direct paths between specific challenges and best case solutions, services, or technologies. Adding to the difficulty is an organization’s growing list of urgent threats that won’t wait for trial-and-error approaches or next quarter’s budget allocations. When organizations work with NaviLogic, a senior security architect isolates the source of issues to locate the right solution. We assess current solutions, discover what’s working well, and uncover gaps before making a recommendation.

Solutions sized to the situation

NaviLogic offers solutions ranging from a single tool to a full cybersecurity suite with integration support. Our aim is always to help organizations find the right solution-fit for their challenges, industry, network, existing systems, and team. Our answer could mean deploying a combination of solutions from our trusted partners or connecting organizations to tools/services outside of our offering.

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