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Identity Management

NaviLogic understands staffing is fluid and that all employees have a dynamic lifecycle. People come, go, ascend within an organization, get reassigned, relocate, take leaves and so much more. We streamline an organization’s identity management solutions with a process designed around users, industry regulations, and access rights to various resources.

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Protecting the new perimeter

Navilogic knows how the security boundaries have grown with the adoption of cloud and connected devices. Within this expanded perimeter, identity is access. We take a detailed approach to identity management and credentialing, ensuring the right users have the right access at the right time.

Identity confirmed

NaviLogic is an organization’s ally against credential theft and trusted user attacks. We help them lock down credentials by employing identity governance best practices including single sign-on (SSO) plus multi-factor authentication and privileged access management.

Manage the role, not the person

NaviLogic works with organizations to understand the roles tied to permissions and data access before establishing a provisioning process that ensures:

  • Departments work together to manage users
  • New hires hit the ground running
  • Permissions shift as employees change departments
  • Former employees no longer have access to sensitive information
  • Vendors and partners have the appropriate level of access

Playing by industry rules

NaviLogic is an expert on the topic of industry guidelines and their impact on how identity and access should be managed. We’ve implemented solutions across highly regulated industries including healthcare, finance, and others.

The technology behind the process

NaviLogic integrates a variety of tools into an organization’s systems to put identity management into action. Our partners help manage credentials and access, monitor activity and validate security controls.

Learn how to leverage multi-factor authentication, single sign-on and privileged access.

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