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Technical Integration

NaviLogic identifies, aligns, deploys, and supports the proper people, tools, and protocols to achieve an organization’s required or desired objectives. Doing so forms the basis of a detailed project plan that guides our entire technical integration process, while also serving as a measuring stick post-deployment. When needed, NaviLogic also leverages strategic partnerships and exclusive tools to deliver efficient, optimized solutions. Post integration, NaviLogic validates the solution’s performance to ensure it achieves the project plan’s intent. Moving forward, we provide organizations with an expert point person to address ongoing needs.

Technical integration customized for your team

Mapping requirements

NaviLogic collects business objectives and creates definitions that identify technology needs while accounting for controls and compliance requirements.

Unifying people, process, and technology

NaviLogic brings people, process, and technology together to optimize every aspect of an organization’s cybersecurity program including technical integration requirements, deployment, ongoing maintenance, and support.

Aligning the vision

NaviLogic defines ongoing business requirements and the tools an organization has to achieve it. We delve into the details of operational processes, tap into staff skillsets and endeavors to bring pin-sharp clarity to the expectations for technical integration.

Plan. Pilot. Deploy.

NaviLogic follows a detailed plan of action that guides the Technical Integration process toward the desired outcomes. Using proof-of-concept testing, we demonstrate a solution’s effectiveness and adjust for optimization prior to full deployment across an organization.

Seamless success

NaviLogic assigns a dedicated point-person to be an organization’s single point of contact throughout the Technical Integration handoff process. This expert facilitates the essential transfer of knowledge and operations to maintain processes success.

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