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Elevate third-party risk management with NaviLogic GRCx and BitSight

Using NaviLogic GRCx and BitSight Security Ratings, you have the ability to assess and monitor your internal security posture while benchmarking performance against industry peers.

BitSight for third-party risk management

Make faster, more strategic cyber risk management decisions using the resources you have today.

BitSight for Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) immediately exposes cyber risk within your supply chain, helping focus resources to achieve significant and measurable cyber risk reduction.

With BitSight & Navilogic, you have insight into the riskiest issues impacting your vendors—supported by data correlating to potential security incidents and context from the most engaged community of risk and security professionals.

How effective is your third-party risk management program?

BitSight for TPRM immediately exposes cyber risk within your supply chain, helping focus your resources and work alongside you and your vendors to achieve significant and measurable cyber risk reduction.

Explore the capabilities of BitSight for TPRM with a free, personalized vendor risk assessment. This customized report includes:

  • An objective look at your vendors’ cybersecurity performance.
  • A list of your vendors organized by cyber risk.
  • The top vulnerabilities and security issues present among your third parties.
  • An understanding of how security ratings work and how they can be applied to your third-party risk management program.
"We on the BitSight team see NaviLogic as a tremendous partner in our mission to enable our customers to significantly reduce cyber risk, increase their operational efficiency, and greatly improve their associated metrics and the communication capabilities around those."
John Kelly, VP of WW Channels

Integrate BitSight TPRM with NaviLogic GRCx

Enhance your third party risk management program with a tightly integrated solution that enables you to quickly rate and monitor your vendor’s cybersecurity posture.

Benefits include:

  • A single, consolidated view into your vendor’s rating alongside your company-specific vendor risk information.
  • Automated alerts on changes to your vendor’s cybersecurity posture.
  • Fully automated vendor risk assessment process.
  • Built-in workflows to track vendor remediation.
  • Time-saving GRCx reports and dashboards that enable informed decision making.
  • Enhanced communication with executives and stakeholders.

Data-driven decisions that reduce cyber risk using the world's leading security ratings platform.

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