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Phishing Training

NaviLogic endorses a continual-process-of-improvement method for protection from email phishing attacks. With a documented 300% spike in corporate credential phishing attacks, organizations need to do all they can to stay ahead of the threat. NaviLogic trains staff in collaboration with KnowBe4 and other industry leading platforms on what to look in order to identify and then minimize email threats. After training, NaviLogic hones an organization’s awareness by conducting test phishing attacks. These identify prone users and validate adoption of best practices. We report the results back to the organization to strategize further opportunities for improvement.

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The least protected doorway is the most attacked

NaviLogic is obsessive when it comes to email security—and for good reason. Organizations spend a tiny fraction of their IT security budget on email. At just 8%, email spending lags far behind Network (62%), endpoint (18%) and web (12%) security investments. Attackers know these numbers and use them to their advantage. They use email to target users far more than any other avenue. In fact, 96% of breaches attacking people are via email.