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Incident Readiness

NaviLogic prepares organizations to handle cybersecurity incidents confidently to protect their assets and reputation.

Incident response readiness workshops

NaviLogic consultants are at the forefront of enterprise-level incident management programs. Knowing preparation is superior to reaction, we remove on-the-fly guesswork for faster, more strategic responses. When stakeholders, teams, and departments are aligned, informed, and prepared in advance, incident damage is minimized and reputation better protected.

Prepare now to react later

Security orchestration automation and response

NaviLogic consults on and provides APIs/playbooks for Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) that reacts to alerts from monitoring tools, helping organizations compensate for a shortage of experienced security analysts. With SOAR, organizations save money and significantly enhance their protection.

Automation without guidance is not an asset. NaviLogic takes a holistic view of organizations to determine:

  • Are they ready for automation?
  • Where are the blind spots?
  • Will current playbooks and workflow support automation?
  • What can be automated with the current infrastructure?
  • What should be automated first?

If automation is not the best solution, NaviLogic will assist organizations to develop a roadmap and specific plans to SOAR readiness.

Assess your SOAR readiness