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Compliance and Audit

NaviLogic delivers forward-thinking tools and methodologies for managing risk and compliance programs to organizations. Using automation and dynamic data we empower organizations to pull accurate, actionable reporting at any moment.

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Actionable data when and how it’s needed

NaviLogic automates compliance reporting to provide dynamic data in a report or dashboard form that is current, accurate, and readily available. These fully customizable data points tell a complete and actionable story with less effort and faster turn around.

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Risk management

NaviLogic can identify risks within an organization’s operations as well as mitigate those that have already been identified. By unifying organizational efforts and organizing them alongside internal controls and standards within a risk management program, risks will be efficiently identified, communicated, and managed.

Security operations

NaviLogic evaluates an organization’s access to information—including platform risk and privacy risk— from multiple aspects across their system. After identifying risks, we work to rank their importance, determine proper risk control options, optimize risk control performance and offer risk mitigating reporting.

Vendor risk management

NaviLogic helps organizations vet third-party relationships to identify and address risks. Using our automated NaviLogic GRCx tool and other solutions, organizations are assured their essential vendors offer security that’s as reliable as their product/service.

Compliance and audit

NaviLogic provides everything needed for compliance reporting in a single program that frees auditors from mundane tasks that hinder efficiency. Using an organization’s existing GRC solution, the co-managed NaviLogic GRCx platform or by having NaviLogic automate compliance audits, organizations recognize almost immediate ROI due to savings in audit, and compliance programs.

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