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Program Assessment and Strategy

NaviLogic conducts gap analysis to identify missing components or processes from an organization’s operations. Afterward, we bring forth strategies to fortify the program and bring it into compliance with standards and best practices.

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Dangers old and new

NaviLogic knows cybersecurity problems of today can be the result of choices made in the past. Missed updates, uninstalled security patches or the use of legacy technology can create vulnerabilities that need to be addressed. NaviLogic shows organizations how modern methods and technology will offer protection from old threats while preparing for future threats.

Respecting what could come next is why we maintain a forward-looking vigil to the future of cybersecurity. NaviLogic monitors emerging threats, trends, and technologies to maintain a strong defensive position for an organization’s most sensitive assets.

Framing the solution

NaviLogic provides custom cybersecurity strategies for organizations by employing field-proven programs. Our method involves applying a framework of best practices and custom solutions crafted around an organization’s specific industry, operational process, and security needs.

Forming knowledge of the challenge

NaviLogic begins with what we know—and the often more information— what we don’t know. We dispatch assumptions so we can listen and learn about an organization’s cybersecurity program. All data has a value, and NaviLogic right sizes solutions to protect it without superfluous steps or unnecessary expenditures. We respect budgets, assets, and realities in our process to eliminate security gaps, drive operating efficiency, optimize investments, and protect an organization’s assets and reputation.

Finding the path to cybersecurity

NaviLogic uses security gap assessment to inform strategy. With an organization’s situation known and expectations defined, NaviLogic brings forth a plan of action that mitigates cybersecurity risks while enhancing operational efficiencies. This process can encompass our co-managed NaviLogic GRCx platform or training your team to understand how regulations are impacting security controls.

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